Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The exhibition Nalda Searles Drifting In My Own Land  is a collection of textile works made to express certain aspects of life/art/history/culture that has long been of  focus in my practice.
Looking back at this point , having been to many venues and given floor talks I am slowly seeing deeper into it.
Having the opportunity to walk amongst the works and then even speak about them, which takes quite some courage, it is like I could just go on telling more and more of the story as it unravels.
Initially making use of many  clothes and blankets which i had reserved for some years seemed to be the driving force. Now I see that is was both that and a deep desire to speak of life in a symbolic manner.
Im now reading Freud, which is probably at the right time, these works could  not have been made with the same energy and need if I had been aware of what I was saying.

But that is the reason for all art. We don't make it to solve problems , we make it to create more.
What seemed like an open ended collection of rags and bones has sort of ordered itself into a narrative but still I am lost in its poetry.

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